What is a tiney childminder?

An Ofsted-certified professional childminder

Caring for a small group of children in your own home, empowered by our all-in-one app that helps you create contracts, process payments, communicate with families, and track children's learning - the first of its kind!

An Early Years

Armed with world-class training, continuous professional development and a diverse but like-minded community.

A self-employed entrepreneur

Running your own business and calling all the shots – but without the boring bits.

As a tiney childminder, you'll receive...

  • Over £3000 of value provided in your first year alone, including 50+ hours of world class Early Years training
  • Ofsted certification, paediatric first aid, DBS checks covered by us
  • Personalised business coaching, free marketing materials and step-by-step guidance to help you land your first customers
  • 1:1 support from our team throughout your registration process
  • Billing, contract and customer support once you’re working with families
  • Lifetime Access to a collaborative community of other tiney childminders
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Earn £40,000 by making a difference

It’s realistic to earn £40,000 by the end of your first year, we have tiney childminders earning up to £5,000 a month!

The low-risk way to start your own business

We cover most of your start-up costs and you can set up your setting while working your current job.

A career with freedom and flexibility

Keep the best bits of teaching, but with the freedom to control your schedule and run your setting exactly as you see fit.

Training with tiney

The journey to opening your own business starts with world-class Early Years training. Here's a brief overview of what you'll learn when you train with tiney...

    Unit 1

    Learning & development in the EYFS

    5 activities

    Unit 2

    Learning through play

    6 activities

    Unit 3

    Enabling environments

    4 activities

    Unit 4

    Observation, assessment & planning

    7 activities

    Unit 5

    Building relationships with families and settling in children

    4 activities

    Unit 6

    Helping children manage their feelings and behaviour

    4 activities

    Unit 7

    Introduction to Safeguarding

    10 activities

    Unit 8

    Billing, rates & tax

    4 activities

    Unit 9

    Contracts, insurance & assistants

    3 activities

    Unit 10

    How to prepare for registration visit

    2 activities

    How do I get started?

    How does it work?

    • Chat to a tiney advisor

      Duration: 15-30 mins

      An informal conversation for us to answer all your questions and get to know each other.

    • Explore our discovery week

      Duration: ~1 week

      6-8 hours of in-app content to help you get a taste of our Early Years philosophy and opening a home nursery.

    • Submit your checks and complete training

      Duration: 2-3 months

      50+ hours of comprehensive Early Years training in-app, submission of necessary documentation to get registered (e.g. GP check, Enhanced DBS checks for your household), and 12 hours of paediatric first aid training.

    • Complete your pre-registration call and home visit

      Duration: ~1 week

      Checkpoints to ensure you are ready to become registered and your home meets Ofsted safeguarding requirements.

    • Become registered and start changing lives from your living room

      On-going 1-to-1 support, access to our like-minded community, and continuous learning to help you find families and continue your professional development, with opportunities for experienced childminders to take on leadership roles in our fast-growing community and curate their career path in the Early Years sector.

    Meet some tiney home owners

    Explore our tiney homes and get to know your local tiney community.

    tiney stories

    Read stories from our home leaders and how life with tiney works for them...

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